San Marco
Caffe Veneziano

The greatness and glory of the Venetian empire from
centuries past, in all its’ prosperous luxury.

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

A best–in–quality line of coffee products by a major coffee roaster and retail market leader in Italy, San Marco aims to revive the greatness and glory of the Venetian Empire from centuries past, as well as its’ luxurious abundance. A brand whose identity is anchored in the symbol of the city of Venice and formerly of the Republic of Venice, San Marco comes with a bold and contemporary stance. Regal confidence and saturated flavor come to the forefront of the brand visually, while a variety of coffee blends meets the expectations for a high–end product.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design.

Gothic Venetian architecture and local artisanal motifs inspired the character of the design. The official signage located throughout Venice, served as a starting point when creating a fully custom typeface to complement the symbol, with a bold structure, sharp serifs, and humanistic curves.