Human Trafficking;
Import & Export of People Worldwide

A metaphorical “eye” that helps reveal all the dramatic data and facts from all around the world.

Information Design

An infographic which would help raise public awareness about human trafficking and related issues worldwide, and to expose the surprising and alarming rate of people smuggled internationally and the illegal work they’re forced into, such as prostitution, child labor, etc. Eyes are a gateway for the information we obtain, which then leads to the decisions we make, for ourselves and for the world we live in.Sometimes, in order to grasp the true gravity of the problem, one needs to get closer and look deeper. It indicates each country’s level of involvement (from very high to very low) as either a country of destination or origin, while the text on either side of the circular design covers detailed information for each country. The poster was on view at The Chelsea Art Museum throughout May, 2007.

Role: Creative Direction, Concept Development, Art Direction, Design.