Center Theatre Group

Refreshing the story and visual identity
of a leading theater company.

Brand Identity and Guidelines

As it approached its 50th Anniversary, Center Theatre Group faced a singular opportunity to rethink and refresh its story and visual identity, as well as those of its three theaters. A key objective for the project was to shift Center Theatre Group from a hierarchical “umbrella brand”—presiding over its theatres—to one in which the identities of the Ahmanson, Taper, and Douglas enhance that of the organization overall… and vice versa.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design.
Produced at LaPlaca Cohen.

Photo Credit: Alex Pitt.

The inspiration for the new identity system came from theatre itself, and its ever-present contrasts: between comedy and drama, light and dark, offstage and center stage. The hidden and the visible, and the fact that much of what audiences see on stage is only a small piece of what goes on behind the curtain.

Bold typography and a bright, fun, yet contrasting color palette gives the identities a new and striking feel—and allows them to appear distinct, while still remaining in the same family.

An array of graphic elements and colors were established in an extensive set of guidelines to activate the brand across a variety of different channels, from on-site collateral to advertising, and social media.